New user manuals for HexPro and MaxDrv

We’ve updated the user manuals for the HexPro and MaxDrv hydraulic torque wrenches with new QR code links to the tool safety videos recently updated for 2015. Curious about how something in the manual is supposed to look? Just use the QR code reader on your smart phone and it will pull the video up […]

New TorsionX tool user videos online!

With the recent upgrades to our tools, making them even better than they were before, we’ve updated all of our user videos. Check them out now!   Adjusting pressure on a TorsionX Hydraulic Power Pack   Loosening and Tightening with a TorsionX HexPro Hydraulic Torque Wrench   Running a TorsionX HexPro Hydraulic Torque Wrench   […]

Hydraulic Pumps for the New Year!

We’re not just “all about the tools” (all about the tools)… TorsionX has a complete line of electric and pneumatic Power Packs to power your TorsionX hydraulic tools, like the HexPro, MaxDrv and RufNex. We are shipping them out the door and all over the world. Check them out and see what everyone else has found […]