When your blocks have to fit just right


Catherine knows there is no better choice to handle a tough bolting job, when your blocks have to go together just right, than TorsionX Tools. Get a MaxDrv, HexPro or RufNex today and be as smart as Catherine! … [Read more...]

TorsionX SurAmerica set to launch

Gabe in the house

Gabriel G. Rodriguez, Latin America Sales Manager, and his team from TorsionX SurAmerica, were in town this week going over every detail of the TorsionX tool line so they are prepared for the launch of the new company in late-April. TorsionX SurAmerica will be distributing TorsionX tools throughout … [Read more...]

Made in West Virginia

We at Industrial Bolting Technologies are proud that our tools are made right here in Charleston, West Virginia. As the line at the end of the video says “Made in West Virginia. You can’t get any more American than that!”     … [Read more...]