AnMa Tech Visits

TorsionX’s distributor in Western Europe, Andre´ van Nijnatten, owner of AnMa TECH BV spent this week touring our manufacturing facilities and examining our quality control processes. We had great meetings all week and look forward to seeing more TorsionX tools shipping to Europe.

TorsionX Sur America relationship continues to grow

It was great to spend a couple days with Gabe and Jeff Rodriguez from TorsionX Sur America this week. Sur America continues to expand the reach of TorsionX tools throughout Central and South America. If you’re in South America and interested in TorsionX tools, you can reach TorsionX Sur America at: Central and South America […]

MaxDrv series goes to sea!

Or at least the results of our work does. TorsionX India recently took a MaxDrv series tool to a shipyard in southeast India to make sure the propeller bolts on a ship about to launch were tight. Obviously, losing a bolt at sea would be a problem, so the shipyard turned to TorsionX to make sure […]

TorsionX works at South Africa refinery

TiteForce in Durban, South Africa is the latest international distributor of TorsionX tools and they put TorsionX hydraulic torque wrenches right to work. They recently received a shipment of TorsionX tools and immediately put those tools into service at a refinery outage in South Africa.  Allen Mayer (Managing Director) and his team bring a wealth of […]

TorsionX India has its own website

The TorsionX distributor in India is growing quickly and needed a way to spread the word about TorsionX tools. We’ve launched a new TorsionX tools website specifically for them. For now, it closely mirrors the main TorsionX site, but it will grow and be customized as their business grows. Based in Chennai, TorsionX India is on […]

3MD goes to Belgium!

TorsionX European Distributor Andre´ van Nijnatten is working with the Belgian company BAM, demonstrating the features and reliability of the MaxDrive 3MD square drive torque wrench at a crane maintenance yard in Ghent, Belgium. The number of TorsionX fans is growing thanks to Andre´!